Monday, October 24, 2011

a cute pericoronitis

up, up, dangerbone

ram your head against that wet meat;

the puffy red pillows where the tombstones

keep their roots.

where the ghosts of cigarettes cling to the walls

like gray babies to their mommas on the first

day of school.

where the skeletons of breakfast reach out

in scummy lumps.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

i wonder how it feels to be ________.

love   evol
love (r)evol(ve[s])
love evol(ution)
love (r)evol(ution)

love evolves. it changes over time.
love revolves. the cycles the cycles.

love devolves? love can step backwards through its development?

i didn't think anything could do that.

love vole. love is a burrowing thing.

love vélo. vélo rolls you towards love.

love the distance. love the mean.

love is a mean between. love is the equilibrium. the balance.

love is the vanishing point.

i woke up. tiptoed to the kitchen. opened the fridge and finished the bottle of blood i was saving for a special occasion.

i turned red. i turned blue.

i turned into a prism and ate up all of the yummy white light and spit out the chroma like they was seeds.

i dug a tunnel to love's house this afternoon. i watched him sleep. i watched him leap.
we watched the birds together.

i became pregnant around 5 o' clock, or so i thought, but when the doctor split open my belly,
rose petals flurried out.

but when the doctor split open my belly,
cockroaches stormed out.

i am not quite dead yet.

self absorbed:

when the self is absorbed (in? with?) the self.

so? is i the sponge or is i the liquid?what should the self absorb instead?
the other?

sounds awful. sounds like assimilation. sounds like a simulation. sounds like sounds.

(sounds like sounds they play real nice in the schoolyard)

maybe not.

it is difficult to make assertions
about the value of things.

value is not absolute, therefore i cannot make an absolute statement about value.

replace the "u"
with a "v"
and value
becomes a

bird bird bird
bird is a word
word word word
word is a string of sounds
that depict an idea


word word word
word is some sounds
bird bird bird
where is the bird?

whass the bird?

whass the price?