Saturday, April 23, 2011

how did she do that? i think it was a magic handbag.

the old lady flew away.

granny troggs has a fruit stand

words are droppings;

we are not

picking up after ourselves, are we children?




frake frute

frakkin fruit

silicate putty grown on wire

nummy rummy

seeps through tummy

gastric aacid


granny gits hers here

take it fake it its fake for a reason

even the stand

is a figment of figs and imagination


om my, yes

ohhhhhhh  fake fruit for plastickooks

plastic ovaries for overbearing bearswine

swipe my fruit?

not without plastic.

swipe it through the lady's buttcrack

plastic fruit aluminum crackpipe cottage cheese thunderthighs

i do not lie

my fruit will last forever.

a crew sybil

question: are you afraid to die?

answer: i will miss things. japanese kids. pizza. my companion. the color cerulean.

question: are you afraid to die?
answer: it is not just my fear. we are all in this together.

question: do you care about anyone other than yourself?

answer: i want everyone to be happy. i love everyone.

question: are you selfish?

answer: i am trapped behind my perceptions, my point of view. i am the camera, and i am always set to "record"

question: question: question: are you afraid to die?

answer: i'm afraid i already have

question: will you ever do something new?


everything that happened happened so long ago

i heard a story about a girl who got some sand in her clam

and it spit out a pearl.

she gave it to her boyfriend

but he choked on it. he wasn't expecting it.

i choose you!


du shit

the fish is probably dying. bluuuue blew boo beaux 

panty panty scumcatcher

so everyday when i walk to school, i walk past a pair of ominous black wires dangling from a pole; probably a power line, and even though it looks inactive, i suspect it to be a live wire. 

i walk past the dangling, exposed wires everyday. They are at my eye-level. This provokes imaginings. They are thus:

i walk under the lines this time instead of around them and since they are at (my) eyelevel, one of them strikes my wide-open glazzball and I AM ELECTROCUTED THROUGH THE EYEBALL ELECTRICITY RUNNING FROM THE EXPOSED WIRE END THROUGH THE CABLES CONNECTING MY SIGHT BALLS TO THE COMMUNICATION COMMAND CENTER AND the eyeball expolodes into a gummy bubbly jelly and I CAN SEE ONLY ELECTRICITY, CAN ONLY THINK ELECTRIC THOUGHTS. the smoke pours out, noir,through the tear duckt of my other eye.

i probably scream, but am too caught up in the moment to be really self-aware.


i lied about there being imaginings, there is only the one imagine, but it's a doozer and a half.

eyeballjelly. glazzy on toast. earwax on rye with melted haveahearty cheese.

the other day

i picked my nose and it

started to bleed. this is the natural bleeding cycle of the nose;

your body's way of telling you

to cut that shit out. you are too old to pick your nose.

growing up growing out out growing up growing

i waited but you never

finger tip toe

tip tack tow

hop, skip, jump away. you jumped away.

and i said so! and i said go!

hop skipped jump

leaps and bounds

i waited but you never came. i waited but you never came. i waited but you never came. 

it is just me
and the ghosts.

we thrush our firsts against the pots and steel in sits we three the gots







stop that. trying to be seriously.


well excuuuuuuuse me.

(no, keep going. this is the part where it gets good. i've seen this one before)

your stupid haircut is only a reflection of how stupid you are.

hairmirror that spells disaster. the calendar nods its head in agreement.

yes. yes. yes.

everything will die in the winter.

i will go back to ghostland.

you will hop, skip, jump away.

even pulling off your own head is easy if you try hard enough.

it sounds like velcro when you rip the flesh.

i should have been a pear of ragged clause


there will be time

oh time
in deed

there will be rhyme

rhythm? schism. skits oh oh oh freeeeee kneee ahhhh

stack tracks
tack sacks
to the back of
the lady that lacks
the back


pretty bird


gimme gimme
i needed more words
gimme gimme
time to fix
words heavy like bricks
bricka braka broke like sticks

bah roke like the seventeenth century so broke so broke

if poor, you're broken, if rich, well



how do you write? how do you right?

how do you wrong that write then right about it?

i can't write because i'm always wrong
i can't write because i'm always wrongi can't write because i'm always wrong
the mike is open, i might step inside

i liked the one you did about lola.
it was the best one you ever did.


lola. with that dark brown voice, mmm mmmm cherry cola.
(not that one, stupid, that was the kinks)

what was my song then?

open, mike? no. mike closed. mike say goodbye,

"goo-bye, mike."


any requests?
anything left?


i request you tri tri triangle tri tri try again later.

bony day.

not tub!

hot button issue: hot tub


button is pressed, BUT OH!

hot butt and issue


unicorns are allergic to poop, or so i'm told

banana nyah nyah peals away

gojira gorirra sama sam ah, so

high wasted pants

low wasted pants

get these pants off

it's time to sober up
bubble bubble

vomit and scrubble

toilet burns

and vision double

buttplugs are important. you wear them every night to seal the entrance. you don't want the poop trolls to get in and dig around yer butthole.
this black gold is my black gold.

none for trolls and none for gnomes
none for the heroes
and especially keep it away from
the unicorns.

they are allergic.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

γυναικός λόγος

gynecology---->gyne's logos

(presocratic philosophy) women's principle for governing the cosmos
(sophistic philosophy) women's topics of rational argument
(aristotaelian philosophy) women's appeal to reason
(grammar) women's form of rhetoric which uses logic as the main topic
(judaism) women's word of god, the female foundation of the power of divine wisdom
(christianity) the creative 2nd Woman of The Trinity, which is simultaneously God Herself and also with God the Mother
(sciences) a woman's representations of an aligned set of sequences, this is the same sense of the term λόγος from which the english word "logo" is derived
(entomology) the reproductive female caste of social insects' words/stories/rhetoric/studies

come inside
open wide
spotlight, please
spotlight's on
do you feel my fingers
(no, it's asleep, or it malingers)
the nape of the neck of your womb, it's tilted

is that bad?

well, it means

you have cancer you have hiv you have gonorrhea you have hpv you have nyc you have empty ovary syndrome you have meningitis you have uteral influenza you have herpes you have internal genital warts you have candidiasis you have sperm cough you have gorilla syphillus  you have cervical canker sores you have tumors you have cysts you have chocolate cysts you have vanilla cysts you have tutti frutti cysts you have sacs full of pus you have every hepatitus you see, from hepatitus A to hepatitus Z you have smallpox you have mal pox you have apoplectic ovaries you have anal cancer you have uterus scabies you have trichomoniasis you have cyberaids you have lumps you have scarring you have scaring you have super aids you have endometriosis you have exometriosis you have a collapsed anus a collapsed uterine cavity you have cavities in your uterus (have you been flossing like you're s'posed to?) you have ectopic pregnancy you are pregnant you are infertile you are downright sterile, we're just looking at a shriveled, empty sack, throw it away
you have no reproductive organs at all, what am i looking at?

what should i do?

we're gonna hafta laser your uterus, your ovaries we're gonna hafta remove the cysts the tumors from your uterus from your ovaries we are gonna hafta remove your ovaries your uterus a full hysterectomy HEY DON'T GET HYSTERICAL ON ME we're gonna hafta remove your pelvis remove your legs we're going to remove your asshole we're going to saw you in half we're gonna hafta remove the body or the head will die we're gonna hafta put you to sleep why are you still standing here there's nothing we can do for you you're gonna die you're dying you're already dead you were never born


yes, like i said, you're young, you're healthy, you've got a lot of life left to live, so you don't have to worry, i just want you to have an idea of how you're doing "down there" and so far everything looks good, i'll have your test results in about a week.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

growan ghreh ghroni graes groniz

ovary the meadow and through the tubes

out of mother's house we go

clumping cells formed solid shapes

oscillation station

cognization brigade


repeat the shapes a memory makes
the shapes repeated into a groove into the one
that saw the shape

of a mouth
that makes the shapes that force the sounds
that give the shape
a name

names have shapes and shapes have names

accumulate boost breed expand extend manifold unfold proliferate prrrofligate swell amplify

towards a heap