Monday, November 22, 2010

signs, but not like that movie


Semei- from Greek "Semeion," σημεῖον:

1. sign, mark, token*




a.) that which a person or thing bears that distinguishes it from all else and is known by

b.) a prodigy, portent, unusual event transcending the course of nature

A vowel particle used to connect two morphemes

-logy, from Greek "logos," λόγος:

1.) speech
2.) word
3.) unit of speech
4.) word of honor
5.) oration
6.) ratio
7.) reason

from Greek "lego," λέγω:

1.) I lay down, I put to sleep
2.) I put in order, arrange, gather
3.) I choose, count, reckon
4.) I say, speak, converse, tell a story
5.) I mean

let's take these distinguishing, portending token units, let's ration them, gather them, put them in order, rearrange them, let's put em to sleep.

logos legoed


  1. Some of these things have no visible blanks to fill. Oh dear... I'll go with it anyway.

    1. I lay down on a twin platform that cradled more women than I have.

    2. I put admirers who can't understand me to sleep.

    3. I choose what the frequencies tell me to.

    4. I reckon someone will need me if I ever come back.

    5. I count the days of my incarceration.

    6. I put my ducks with lil' fake bunny ears in order, i arrange, i order.

    7. I say, I speak evocative jibber jabber.

    8. I converse, I tell a story about how hard it is to prove that you are a good person.