Saturday, April 23, 2011

du shit

the fish is probably dying. bluuuue blew boo beaux 

panty panty scumcatcher

so everyday when i walk to school, i walk past a pair of ominous black wires dangling from a pole; probably a power line, and even though it looks inactive, i suspect it to be a live wire. 

i walk past the dangling, exposed wires everyday. They are at my eye-level. This provokes imaginings. They are thus:

i walk under the lines this time instead of around them and since they are at (my) eyelevel, one of them strikes my wide-open glazzball and I AM ELECTROCUTED THROUGH THE EYEBALL ELECTRICITY RUNNING FROM THE EXPOSED WIRE END THROUGH THE CABLES CONNECTING MY SIGHT BALLS TO THE COMMUNICATION COMMAND CENTER AND the eyeball expolodes into a gummy bubbly jelly and I CAN SEE ONLY ELECTRICITY, CAN ONLY THINK ELECTRIC THOUGHTS. the smoke pours out, noir,through the tear duckt of my other eye.

i probably scream, but am too caught up in the moment to be really self-aware.


i lied about there being imaginings, there is only the one imagine, but it's a doozer and a half.

eyeballjelly. glazzy on toast. earwax on rye with melted haveahearty cheese.

the other day

i picked my nose and it

started to bleed. this is the natural bleeding cycle of the nose;

your body's way of telling you

to cut that shit out. you are too old to pick your nose.

growing up growing out out growing up growing

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