Saturday, April 23, 2011

i waited but you never

finger tip toe

tip tack tow

hop, skip, jump away. you jumped away.

and i said so! and i said go!

hop skipped jump

leaps and bounds

i waited but you never came. i waited but you never came. i waited but you never came. 

it is just me
and the ghosts.

we thrush our firsts against the pots and steel in sits we three the gots







stop that. trying to be seriously.


well excuuuuuuuse me.

(no, keep going. this is the part where it gets good. i've seen this one before)

your stupid haircut is only a reflection of how stupid you are.

hairmirror that spells disaster. the calendar nods its head in agreement.

yes. yes. yes.

everything will die in the winter.

i will go back to ghostland.

you will hop, skip, jump away.

even pulling off your own head is easy if you try hard enough.

it sounds like velcro when you rip the flesh.

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